Gravity Frisbee

The Gravity Frisbee is a prototype of mine, based on creating null points in space. Using null points, you can create a new center of gravity in space. Though my former prototypes created null points, I want to try creating a null ring this time. I can’t be sure what the result will be, but I am hoping for the null ring created in the center of the 3 coils to function as a stabilizer for other prototypes.

The coils are spaced apart by 0.7cm.Below are three pictures of the central coils, separated by spacers.

The diameter of the bigger coil is about 12.8cm.
The diameter of the two smaller coils is about 10.9cm.

The outside of the shell, will have a receiver coil built around it. This is for the purpose of wireless transmission of power to the device.

The device is to be powered with 100,000 Volts. I haven’t found that the current is needed to be very high. The most important part is Voltage. Not Amps.



The shell was printed on a 3D printer. After printing, I put a piece of tape over the area where the wires will be coming through the shell to provide power. The shell isn’t fully painted with the aluminum, as I don’t want it to overload with energy. Wire will be going around the shell, to form a receiver coil for wireless transmission of power.



Magnetic Wires

batteryIn my experiments, I have come across a phenomenon which has brought me to new ideas. To my belief, it is possible to make paths for electricity to follow, by means of magnetic fields. What brought me to this conclusion, was when I decided to make a new, more efficient battery for a Prius. I didn’t go strait to the Prius, as that would have been costly if I made a mistake in the design, so I started out with an older project that I was working on.

HydrogenCellTo start, I decided to play around with making a hydrogen power cell. To make this device, is simple. In an air-tight box, place a line of stainless steel plates, separated with small plastic spacers at each corner of the plates. Weld a stainless steel strip to every other plate, and a second stainless steel strip to the others. Don’t let the two sets touch. Add water to the box, close it up tight, and run positive current though one strip, and negative through the other.

Make sure to add an air hole, as a constant flow of Hydrogen and Oxygen gas will be coming out. You can use the gas to fill balloons, run an engine, or anything else.

The hydrogen power cells are great, as you can choke the gas in a normal car down to 1/3, rid the engine battery to the hydrogen power cell, and the hydrogen and oxygen gas mix to the air intake of the vehicle. This makes a car run with less gas, and more efficiently, provided you can change how much gas is going into the engine by changing the values in the chip.

Well, I wanted it to be more efficient, so what did I do? I magnetized the plates in the power cell. Just an experiment, but it worked! By using magnetism, the hydrogen oxygen output was much greater. Jumping from experiment to experiment, I discovered various ways to control the flow of electricity with magnetism. I am still working on progressing this, but I have been able to direct high voltage current, in a shape of my choosing.

Sorry I don’t have more images or pictures from the other experiments. I’ll try to upload them, and the results when I get a chance. I believe I can use this same concept, in the controlling of the flow of gravity in other experiments. Who knows, may as well try, right?


An Overview of Sacred Geometry

sacred_geometrySacred Geometry is used all over the world. It has been around for thousands of years, if not longer. While we can find it in plants and the way forces flow on the earth, we have also been using it for ourselves in the construction of buildings.

In the past, we find a great deal of Sacred Geometry being used in religios strustures. Churches, mosques, alters, village greens, and even in religious art.

Long ago, shapes were seen as numbers as well. A triangle would be a 3, a square may be a 4, and so on. As shapes are more visual than numbers, they also carried more emotion.

It wasn’t just the religious structures that used Sacred Geometry. We can also find it in the archetecture of buildings in Egypt, India, Greece, Rome, and so much more.

hexagonOne of the most stable shapes, is the Hexagon. A hexagon has 6 angles on it, and can be seen to the right of this paragraph. While we can find the hexagon as an important factor in the Flower of Life, we can also find it all through nature. One of the most obvious places to find the Hexagon in nature, is in the honey comb that bees construct.

Surprisingly, Sacred Geometry can also be used in Music. Not only in the way that songs are structured, but also in the construction of musical instruments. By following the 2:3 ratio, you can consistently find perfect, beautiful sounding pitches. This is how many instruments were invented.


Earth’s Two Cores

earthAfter reading an article in the Huffington Post about the earth’s recently discovered two cores, the missing facts in the article bugged me for hours. There was so much more they could have said! To this day, most people still don’t understand how the energy flows through the earth, and other planets.

In this post, I will describe to you exactly how I believe it all works, based on countless experiments and years of thinking in this field.

Lets look at Earth, in the above image. There is the Inner Core, the Outer Core, and the Mantle with Crust. Our text books have told us for quite a while now, that the core of the earth is basically a giant metal ball, about 70% the size of the moon. It was said to be a combination of Nickle and Iron (Stainless Steel). The outer core, is known to be liquid, so its basically lava.

New research has found some new things, that we didn’t know. As it turns out, the Inner Core is actually a lot softer than we thought, and it is spinning faster than the earth itself, in an Eastward direction. As we know from the sun rising on the East and setting on the West, we can safely say that the Crust of the Earth is spinning Eastward as well.

Now, heres the spin. As it turns out, the Outer Core actually spins Westward! That wonderful liquid lava. Most people will instantly be confused by this. You may be thinking something along the lines of stirring a glass of hot chocolate. Normally, everything goes in the direction that you stir it, right?

RotationWell, lets try and think about it. If you like sitting by rivers and streams to think, you will probably have seen what I see all the time. How the water flows, and acts when it hits the rocks. That little swirl. Well, I’ll try to explain it using the example of three basketballs. If you turn the outer two balls in one direction, the ball between them will go in the opposite direction. The liquid lava in the center, just may be that middle ball.

VortexNow, why is that center core spinning so fast? As they said, its spinning faster than the earth itself spins! Well, I’ve got a pretty good idea as to what that may be. Think of gravity not as a force constantly pulling down toward the Earth, but as energy flowing through and over the earth.

It gets sucked in through the top, the energy gets more compressed as it goes toward the center, which causes the core of the Earth to have an incredibly concentrated spinning energy flowing through it. Next, the energy unwinds more as it gets toward the bottom of the Earth to exit once more. To picture this more clearly for you, think of the energy which creates the force that we have labeled “gravity,” as water.

magnetNdustNow that we understand that why the core of the earth spins the fastest, we can move on to what happens to that energy when it comes out the bottom. You may have seen a picture of what is considered Earth’s magnetic field. I believe that just like an electromagnet, the magnetic force is not actually caused by magnets themselves. In fact, its the flow of energy which also creates the gravatic pull on Earth. The images of the Earth’s magnetic field that you are used to, are based on experiments of magnets making a set of lines in magnetic dust.

earthFieldTo the left, is an image showing the basic path that the energy takes, after exiting the bottom of the earth. Upon exiting the bottom, the energy actually follows the path of The Coanda Effect, causing it to be forced back over the earth, towards the North Pole once more. It doesn’t go strait over to the North Pole, it actually keeps some of that spin, going around the earth at an angle, in the same direction as the Inner Core and Crust of the Earth go.

Questions, comments, or even different opinions. Any feedback will be replied to!


The Golden Ratio

sunflowerWhat’s the one thing that nearly everything has in common? Its a number. This number, Phi (φ), has a magical value of 1.618. Well, its not really magic, its just a science that many people don’t understand yet.

Phi, is closely related to the Fibonacci Sequence. For those of you who do not know the Fibonacci Sequence yet, this is it.

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, and it just keeps going on forever.

We can find the next number in the Fibonacci Sequence by taking the last two numbers, and simply adding them together.

Just as 5 + 8 = 13, we can also calculate all future numbers. The last two of the above can find the next number: 89 + 144 = 233.

By turning this around, we can calculate the amazing constant, φ. In order to get 1.618, we can do this simple reverse calculation. For this example, lets take two known numbers of the Fibonacci Sequence, 34 and 55. By simply adding these two numbers together, then dividing my the larger one, we can get 1.618.

φ = (34 + 55) / 55 = 1.618


Yellow + Blue = Green
Blue +Green = Red
Green + Red = Teal
Yellow * 1.618 (φ) = Blue
Blue * 1.618 (φ) = Green
Green * 1.618 (φ) = Red
Red * 1.618 (φ) = Teal

FibboFaceThis Golden Ratio, has been used for thousands of years. It is used in stock trading, architecture, music, paintings, beauty, and can even be found everywhere in nature. Its amazing to see nature following Phi, everywhere you go. You can find Phi in everything from a mollusk shell, to a flower. Go ahead and take a picture if your face. Its been right under your nose this whole time.


The Coanda Effect

TheCoandaEffectThe Coanda Effect is a fascinating effect. It first uses an implosive force to gather a form of energy, than it forces it to act in a way that I bet you haven’t seen before.

If you go Googling around, you will likely run into videos where this effect is demonstrated, using air. While I personally like to use it in actual Anti-Gravity experiments, a demonstration using air, may help you understand The Coanda Effect more easily.

Until I update this post with a video clip of me doing this set of experiments, I will just have to explain it with pure text, and maybe an image or two. The Coanda Effect occurs, when a stream of water, air, or even energy comes in parallel with a convex surface. The stream follows the curved surface that it comes in alignment with, causing a constant pull in the changing direction of the surface. This changes the direction of said stream, as long as the speed of the the stream is high enough. The higher the velocity of the stream, the more powerful The Coanda Effect becomes!

spoonCoandaFor convenience sake, I will give you a simple way to test this at home. What you will need is a spoon and your sink. Turn your sink on about half way, and grasp the end of the spoon, lightly. Let the convex surface of the spoon come in alignment with the stream, and it will get sucked in! As the spoon is able to freely move in this situation, the spoon’s convex surface is sucked toward the stream of water. Try increasing and decreasing the water pressure, and you can see that it will be “stuck” in the stream, according to the pressure of the stream of water. You may also replicate this effect with air. Try blowing on the spoon from the top as it dangles. Actually, just use a blow dryer!

Thankfully, my experiments (not taking about the spoon thing) have shown that electricity works just as well, for The Coanda Effect! Now, lets go over another basic way of demonstration. I swear, it wasn’t meant to look like a flying saucer. It just looks like that for the convex surface.

TopFanBefore we get to that bowl, you need to understand how the fan on top of the bowl works. Remember, this is just to demonstrate the effect. Its not a part of Anti-Gravity. Imagine this fan turning counter-clockwise. It will force air out to the sides, causing a vacuum on the top, sucking air in (implosive effect).

When this fan runs on a flat surface like your table, it will shoot air sideways in every direction. For us, lets see what happens when you place it on top of an upside-down bowl! I don’t recommend you try to build a flying saucer out of this. It works, but not very well. Also, using a fan for any kind of life, is a colossal waste of energy. Yes, that includes airplanes. They work, but seriously, you don’t need to burn up THAT much energy just to transport people through the air!

So, here is the bowl shape experiment I promised you. It clearly shows the The Coanda Effect for you, in what I believe is an easy to understand way. Does it make sense to you guys? If not, leave a comment. I will update this post as much as is needed, so I can get this point over to you.

BownDemoSo see in the image to the right, The Coanda Effect occurs when the unusual fan on top, shoots air off to the sides. The air can actually be pulled from both inside the bowl, or above. From above is a lot more efficient though, so your better off just sticking with that.

Well, thanks for reading! Leave a comment if you wish. I come to the site every day to set up posts, so I’m bound to read it and reply in less than a day 🙂


Aspartame – The Legal Poison

neuronExplosionSugar is a dangerously unregulated industry in America. Its an industry filled with lies and lobbying, as they try to convince the world on a daily basis that the poison they sell, is in fact, sugar.

One of the worst offenders in the sugar industry, is called Aspartame. You probably have heard it called by other names such as Equal, NutraSweet, Spoonful, and Equal-Measure. Don’t be fooled by these names. A chemist by the name of James Schlatter invented Aspartame by accident, back in  1965. As it turns out, the anti-ulcer medication that he was trying to make, turned out to be 200 times sweeter than sugar. As you can imagine, this product would yield greater margin on food and drinks sold to the public.

Your really not gonna like this. As it turns out, Aspartame is comprised of the following:

Aspartic Acid (40%)

Dr. Russell L. Blaylock, a professor of neurosurgery, has provided over 500 references, showing that aspartic acid in our food supply, causes serious chronic neurological disorders. But how? Well, a little bit of it, can give a nice brain boost. In the case of food, and drink, which is always for the typical America, it means delivery of so much calcium to the brain cells, that they are excited to the point of death.

The Blood Brain Barrier isn’t fully developed at a young age, and that is when the most damage can be done. In fact, 75% of the neural cells are destroyed, before symptoms tend to rear their ugly heads.

I have friends who have been effected my quite a few of these horrible symptoms. Here they are. If you are having any one these, please watch out for Aspartame! It will just make you worse.

Multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia, Hormonal problems, Memory loss, AIDS, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s Disease, and more.

You may see articles out there, trying to say this is wrong, but don’t believe them. The industry knows of these dangers, and they are constantly lying, and releasing articles, trying to convince you that they are safe. I’ve seen it happen too many times. Got a friend with MS? Tell them to stop drinking that diet soda. If they listen to you, just watch as the symptoms heavily lessen in just the first few days. One of my friends, was pinned in the hospital with MS, as her daughter watched, not sure when she would die. I stole her diet coke, and trashed it. The symptoms were almost completely gone just two days later. Ever since then, she hasn’t drank a drop of aspartame, and has lived a normal life, with no symptoms.

You think thats it? Sorry, but no. We aren’t even done with the first ingredient of Aspartame yet.

Consumption also can cause headaches as bad as migraines, fatigue, anxiety attacks, depression, insomnia, nausea, vision problems, asthma, and abdominal pain. Now, we can move onto the next ingredient.

Phenylalanine (50%)

Every single time you take Aspartame, the level of phenylalanine raises in your blood. Though the body naturally has some in it, the amount added over time by Aspartame, becomes very very bad.

Dr. Louis J. Elsas, proved to Congress that high levels of phenylalanine in certain areas of the brain, is especially dangerous to infants. Imagine all the parents out there, who have unknowingly been poisoning their children! So many kids these days have been growing up, messed up in the head. Think it may have something to do with the fact that they are often poisoned on a daily basis?

Published in the Wednesday Journal, a man named John Cook, began an interesting experiment. He begun consuming six to eight diet drinks every day. The more he drank, the worse the symptoms got, until he kicked the Aspartame back out of his diet. The progressively worsening symptoms were memory loss, frequent headaches, a craving for aspartame sweet drinks, mood swings, and violent rages. He wasn’t even suffering from PKU, a disorder which makes the body less able to filter out phenylalanine.

Methanol aka Wood Alcohol (10%)

Doesn’t sound too good, does it? Did you even realize that you have been consuming so much wood alcohol all your life? As you can imagine, its strait up poison. How about this name. Formaldehyde. Recognize it? Yeah, you probably do. Its that stuff that is used to preserve dead creatures for your dissections! Its a deadly neurotoxin. Turns out, Methanol breaks down into Formaldehyde when it hits 86° Fahrenheit. Thats right, your body is the chemistry lab, in which this process takes place. Your body can filter this out at about 7.8 mg/day. Just one liter, of an aspartame sweetened beverage, contains about 56 mg. Heavy users, tend to consume about 250 mg/day. Yep, they will probably die early, no doubt.

Interestingly, animals can filter this stuff out faster than humans can.

There is so much more to this subject. I feel that I have barely scratched the surface of the dangers of Aspartame in this post. Good luck guys!


Understanding Anti-Gravity

starwarsflyerAnti-Gravity is a subject that most people just can’t wrap their heads around. Honestly, its actually pretty simple. Well… maybe that just applies to me, as I have been doing experiments on it for years.

You see, I can’t process fiction books, without getting bored. So what was a teen to do? I started picking up books on subjects such as Physics, Quantum Mechanics, and more. While I studied, the universe became so clear and simple to me. In today’s post, I’ll give you a glimpse into the basic understanding of Anti-Gravity.

Everything, big and small, works the same way. Everything from how flowers grow, water flows, even as big as how each and every planet acts when in close enough proximity to all other masses floating around out there. Its really quite amazing!

First, lets clear up a common miss-understanding. Anti-Gravity is actually made by creating a separate gravitational field. A stronger one, that encompass the device itself. When the new field of gravity is created, it creates a null zone in between its own field of gravity, and the surrounding ones. This is actually the same effect, as when water hits a rock, when flowing down a stream. It creates a swirling motion. In that spot, it equalizes the forces, causing a place of no movement in either direction, at the center of the swirl. Think of this effect happening constantly. This effect causes a buffer between the two sets of gravity, allowing you to move freely, anywhere.

But how do we re-create this effect in a gravitational way, instead of with water?

For this, we will be playing around with energy. I won’t go into how to pull limitless power out of your surroundings in this post, I’ll have to get to that part later. One article/post a day.

First, we must examine the flow of gravity around our own planet, earth. Recent discoveries have found that there is what I would call, a gravitational engine in the center of our planet. Earth has two cores that constantly revolve around each other, with a wobble. The wobble isn’t important to us, its just the reason why the North and South poles are always moving. The two cores revolve around each other, but by doing so, actually cause the crust of the earth to move in the opposite direction. Refer that back to the water effect mentioned earlier.

These two cores, actually create an interesting effect. Gravity not only swirls around the earth, but is also constantly flowing from South to North in our atmosphere, some of it falling downward to earth constantly, but it returns to the North pole. When it arrives, it is sucked in. The energy now flows through the center of the earth, and is spit back out the South pole. When a force is spinning through the cores, and is shot back out, it actually is spun in such as way, that it is pulled the other direction. This shoots the energy back over the atmosphere once again. In future posts, I’ll explain these effects in more detail, with images.

Well, thats all for today. Its a start for you guys, on understanding how Anti-Gravity works. Its simple once you have understood all the effects, and how they work together. I promise! Check back tomorrow for more info. I’m still a bit skittish about posting pictures and videos of my devices, but I’m sure I will release them eventually. When we can all live in an Anti-Gravity world, I will be a lot happier with my life 🙂